After Your Walmart Job Application Online, What Next?

So you have turned in your Walmart job application online like the good soldier that you are, and now you wait patiently for the call that's about to make a major impact in your life. You have followed all the advice you could get your hands on, you have completed the application to the best of your ability, and you feel great about your chances of becoming one of WM's next employees. A couple of days pass by and since you are unemployed, you go out to the front door and collect your newspaper and aimlessly look through the classified section which by now, in most areas, is nothing but a page or two of worthless job offers.

Another three days pass by and it's been five days since you submitted your Walmart job application online, and now your heart is glowing with anticipation. You start jumping at every call that starts ringing that Huey Lewis 1980's song ringer on your cell phone thinking it's Wal-Mart calling you back for an important job interview at their store, only to find it's your Aunt Martha asking if you could come to drive her to the doctor's office so she can switch her medication that does not seem to be working!

By now, you feel like you should be on medication as your heart races every time the phone rings and you are let down day by day knowing deep down inside the phone call you are wishing for will probably never come. You start wondering what it is you should do and you start scouring the Web for information on how long it takes to get a call back after you submit a Walmart job application online, and you are surprised to hear that lately it is almost essential to follow up on your job application either in person or over the phone.

What Can I Do To Get An Interview Quickly After a Walmart Job Application Online?

It's not what you can do afterwards, it's what you can do before filling out the application form and what you can do to ensure your efforts to get noticed are taken seriously. Before you do anything, you should research the company so you can laser target the type of position you are applying for. Do you have a bachelor's degree in business administration? Are you a certified pharmacy technician? Are you looking for an entry-level job? Once you find out where you fit in, then it's time to visit the store you want to be a part of and introduce yourslef to the management staff. Some people say it's difficult to meet a supervisor; that's hogwash! Don't be afraid to try and make contact with one of the store managers; they are trained in courteousness and usually won't hesitate to give you a minute of their time. That's all you need, one minute!

So, what's next. Nobody will take you serious at any company if you do not contact them after the application. After you submit your Walmart job application online, go on a follow-up mission to let them know you applied.

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