Apply at Walmart - References are Important

Apply at Walmart With Solid References
References may be important if you are hoping to apply at Walmart. You will be asked for two previous work references when you apply and for some people this causes a problem; or so they think! It's true that solid references from your past employers will help you in getting an interview and continuing through the process but there are those who have never worked before such as college or high school graduates, or even former housewives or house-husbands. Every employer asks for people to provide them the names of specific people who can vouch for another so they can get an idea of their moral character.

What Do I Need to Provide When I Apply at Walmart?

 When you apply at Walmart you will get to a point where you need to provide two work references from past employers, and you have to include the following:
  1. Name of a Supervisor
  2. Position/Title of supervisor
  3. Company Name
  4. Address
  5. May We Contact Them?
  6. Phone Number of Company
  7. Position Held
  8. Duties
  9. Dates of Employment
  10. Reason For Leaving
Many people forget the actual supervisor names and this can sometimes happen when your manager is not really hands on in your company and you have little personal contact. However, no matter where you work, it's a good idea to always ask for the name and contact information of your supervisor for a variety of reasons including the fact that he or she will always serve as a valuable character reference. Whatever you do, you have to remember not to burn bridges at any company because every place of business will follow you as necessary information for other companies when you fill out a job application.

You always want to be able to say it's perfectly alright for Walmart to contact your former supervisor even if you don't think that person will give you a satisfactory reference. They do not always check; however, you don't want to get caught hiding something unfavorable that can sabotage your employment application.

If I Apply at Walmart, Will an Unfavorable Reason For Leaving Be a Problem?

It's important to be honest, but you don't have to volunteer all the negative information as if you were intentionally trying to tell them, "Hey, don't hire me because I was the problem." This goes back to the previous point made above about not burning bridges with the people or company you worked for previously. If you left your previous job under unfavorable circumstances, you will want to at least sugarcoat it when you describe your answer when you apply at Walmart.

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