Walmart Job Application Online Process Is Quick!

Make the Walmart Job Application Online Process Quicker!
The Walmart job application online process is fairly quick once you submit your job application and set the wheels in motion for them to review your submission and call you back for an interview. Not every retail store chain has an efficient hiring process as they make you wait for days on end before they either call you or decide not to call you back for one reason or another. Once you submit your application online at Walmart you already have a great chance at getting an interview and as you will soon see, it usually comes quickly. You have already taken the time to conduct a thorough job search in hopes of finding the employment you have been looking for, and you have probably decided to apply at WM and hopefully get a job with them. One of the biggest questions asked is, "What is the hiring time frame once I submit my online application?

Once I Turn In My Walmart Job Application Online, When Will They Call Back?

This is a great question and one whose answer varies, but the normal time frame for them to call you back for your first interview is one to two weeks. Sometimes, however, because of work load, time constraints, and unavailability of open positions, it can take up to 8 weeks to get a call back. This means you have to conduct a little bit of legwork on your own. If you apply online and don't get a call back within two weeks it's always best to visit the store in person and try to make a good first or second impression with management. Explain you submitted a Walmart job application online and are hoping to get hired, and you are there to see if they will schedule an interview for you.

What Is The Normal Process Once You Get Called For an Interview at Walmart?

Walmart will schedule a job interview and depending on the position you applied for, it will consist of 1 to 3 including an initial one over the phone, usually on different days. This process includes a drug screening and background test, and sometimes an IQ test for entry-level positions is given. Once you have completed their process, it can take a day to several weeks for your hiring to be finalized. Drug and background test results take anywhere between 3 days to two weeks to come back completed.

How Long Does My Walmart Job Application Online Stay Active?

The job application remains active for 60 days, and if you don't get a call back within that time frame, you can re-apply. Keep in mind when you do apply, if you want to have the best chance at getting an interview right away make yourself available for all time shifts. That way, if they need someone to work their midnight or afternoon shift you will have a much better chance at being considered rather than a person who is only available from 9-5. Another secret to getting hired for an entry-level job quickly at Walmart is to apply for the position of cashier. It's a tough job but it's one filled with promise, as you can transfer to another department in the store rather quickly once you prove yourself. Looks like it's time to give it a shot and submit your Walmart job application online.

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