Top 5 Walmart Job Opening Interview Questions

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When chasing a Walmart job opening, an interview can seem so nerve-wracking for the average person who is not used to interviewing for positions. An experienced person who has had plenty of interviews should find the WM interview not very challenging because it is a very basic and straightforward one.

Never fear, for those of us with less experience in this field,here are the top 5 interview questions you may be asked so you can better prepare yourself:

1. Explain when you had had to deal with an angry or unsatisfied customer, what did you do to solve the problem and what was the outcome?

Walmart Career Center Expects Customer Service To Be Top-Notch So You Should Be, Too!

Walmart prides itself on customer service and this is why this question is probably the most likely question to be asked. They want to see what kind of problem-solving skills you have as well as if you have the patience to deal effectively with problematic customers.

2. Tell us about yourself.

Ahh, this is the question most of us dread the most because it means you have to spill your guts and tell them what a great family person you are and how you value the little things in life. It's also a chance to let them know how ambitious and hard-working you are. Embrace this question as an opportunity to enlighten them on how responsible and dependable you are as a person, and how you love interacting with customers and helping them with their needs.

3. Tell us why it is you want to get hired for this Walmart job opening?

In this question they are trying to find out what you intention is; are you using Walmart as a stepping stone to getting hired somewhere else? Are you trying to get hired just to have a job and pay the bills? Are you aspiring to move up the ranks and better yourself through their training programs. Either way, you definitely don't want to give them the impression you are just someone who needs work. You have to give them more than that.

4. What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses?

Here, you need to be prepared and have an intelligent, well-thought-out answer so you don't come across as someone who seems overly strong or one who has overwhelming weaknesses. A weak answer here, and you can say goodbye to the Walmart job opening. This is a tough question and an honest answer that puts you in a positive light is always the best way to formulate your response.

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5. Explain a time when you have disagreed or had a problem with a supervisor, what you did about it, and what was the outcome?

Here, the simple answer would be to say, "I have never had a problem with a supervisor," but that would be unbelievable if you have been in the workforce for some time. Answer the question honestly, and paint yourself as someone who did not go behind the supervisor's back and instead, you addressed the issue privately, and you found a resolution after expressing your desire to do what was in the best interest of the company.

These five questions can prepare you well for an interview, but remember, although it's highly likely you will hear at least two of these questions, keep in mind anything can be asked at any interview for a Walmart job opening.


  1. My sister is actually planning to apply at Walmart near their block. I'll give her a heads up on this list. Thank you for sharing.

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  3. Hi my name is Lynn and I love Wal-Mart so much that I'm trying my best to get a job there but I'm not getting through with the application form

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