Should You Submit a Walmart Job Application Online?

For as long as I can remember, there is always positive as well as negative feedback when it comes to the answer to the question, "Should I apply for a Walmart job application online?"

Although Walmart was heavily scrutinized years ago for the treatment of their employees, these days, you will find a high percentage of their employees rate working there as satisfactory to excellent.

Whether you take the chance to submit a Walmart job application online is totally up to you, but here are some interesting bits of feedback from people who have been hired at Walmart and have experienced enough to give some real feedback.

First, let's talk about some of the negatives that we've heard and then we'll move on to the positive stuff.

Some people state that the salary is nowhere near good enough for working in retail. These employees usually are referring to the low starting salary that one would come to expect when working in the retail business. Another complaint we heard had to do with management staff; they say management is far too strict and at times is very inflexible with your work hours. Some other negative comments had to do with the benefits package saying that it really wasn't all that impressive even though they would not specify. Other negative comments had to do with the fact that they felt there was no room to advance because management had their own people to pick from. In other words, they play favorites.

Now for the positives; many people said that they had a great chance to advance within the company, that it was a very challenging job and that the people there made it a ton of fun to work with, the hours were very flexible and that management staff would help them with their personal lives as it related to the work hours, that the benefits package was excellent, that they got a great kick out of helping customers find what they needed, and that job security was second to none.

I guess before you fill out and submit your Walmart application online you'll see that you'll probably have to take the bad with the good and make your own decision. One thing is for sure; time is wasting and I urge you to submit your application soon.

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